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Diecasting machinery division

Diecasting Machinery Division

We are the initiative partners for supporting your investment plans or desinvestment plans related to diecasting machinery and -plants.2

Directly linked to the worldwide leading broker organisation for second-hand equipment with a global network and of sold equipments in more than 30 countries

We are committed to find the best solution to our customers‘ needs:

  • Selecting and offering the right diecasting machine and production equipment on 2nd-hand base for your application and budget
  • Professional refurbishing or upgrading of selected machineries in accordance to your specific requirements
  • Supporting handling, transportation and implementation of sold equipments
  • Purchasing your used equipments or production lines; Cash purchases
  • Arranging financial assistance



  • Our mission: With diecasting DNA in our venes, we understand your technical and economical requirements and like to support your plans in a most efficient and uncomplicated way.
  • Our communication lines: Understanding your requirements and speaking 4 languages we like to be in contact with you at any time by phone or email. We can agree on shortterms to meet either at our branch offices in Zurich or at your own facilities.
  • Our Network: Knowing European diecasting industries, we identify used machines for transfer at an early stage. Based on our flexibility and ability for customer specific refurbishments we can recondition or upgrade those machines to any requested industrial standard – offering the best suited machine in exactly the condition as defined by your requirements and budgets.
  • In addition to our European based contacts we share our knowhow with the global network.
  • Our offer for used equipment: We buy, sell and refurbish all types and brands of diecasting machines, peripherical equipments and also complete automated diecasting production cells: Coldchamber diecasting machines (vertical and horizontal) for Al- and Mg-alloys, Hotchamber machines for Mg- and Zn-alloys, Handling robots, spray robots, furnaces, trimming presses, safety devices, inspection- and machining equipments. Machines for special diecast processing: like Semi-solid, Squeeze-cast, Thixomoulding
  • Our specific competence for refurbishing / reconditioning of used equipments: Based on our highly specialized European based facilities for refurbishment of all types of DC machines and automated DC cells (up to 3’500 t machines) with best in class experienced staff, extended stocks for bottle-neck spareparts and our permanent open access to the main machine builders and their latest technologies we offer any step of transformation to the offered used equipments in order to match your specific demand:

    • A: Equipments in as-seen condition: Machines delivered as inspected in working condition or under power or disconnected at the original production plant. Machines professionally prepared for transportation.
    • B: Equipments inspected, cleaned, repainted: Machines delivered in as-seen condition and functionality but after full cleaning, repainting, cosmetic upgrading and specifically agreed steps for replacement / repair.



    • C: Selective Refurbishment

      • Selected equipments are fully disassembled and cleaned at our refurbishment plant
      • All componets presented for inspection and analyse by customer together with our technologists
      • Definition of upgrading level by customer in accordance to his specific requirements upgraded or new control system, new wiring, selective replacement or reconditioning of mechanical and hydraulical components, selected exchange of components.
      • Repainting
      • Full functional test runs for customer’s acceptance.
        Best value solution for matching customers’ specific requirements
        For all our overhauling and transformation services we offer extra short leadtimes (typical 1.5 – 2 months). 

    • D: Equipments in as-new condition: Total refurbishment and reconditioning, Preventive replacement of all relevant mechanical, hydraulical and electrical components, new wiring and hoses, new control cabinet, state of the art control system. Total functional testing for customer’s acceptance.

      Factory warranty over warranty period for total system functionality and for all parts and components.


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