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Diecasting machinery division

All about Diecasting Technology Services

We support your vision to become a finished Diecasting product

  • matching your specifications and requirements
  • casting- and tooling concepts based on ultimate experience
  • securing stable volume production
  • matching your price targets
  • ... and always on time

Our core competences:

  • Al- diecasting
  • Mg-diecasting
  • Zn-diecasting
  • Finishing / CNC-machining / Surface treatment
  • Assembly operations

Our Technology Services:

  • Analyses and simulations
  • Process design
  • Propositions for parts‘design improvements
  • Competent tool design
  • Efficient project implementation
  • Connecting to the best-in-class diecasters

Exclusively connected to the best-in-class European diecasters:

- for Mg HP Diecasting: MagTec Sp.z o.o., Poland
- for Al HP Diecasting: Sahinmetal AS., Turkey

Advanced technologies and economical solutions for our customers to remain ahead on tomorrow‘s markets

Successfully implemented reference projects as suppliers to the most demanding industrial segments:

  • Automotive:
    • Powertrain
    • Steering systems
    • Electric/ Electronics
    • Car Interior
    • Car Body
    • Climatization Control
  • Utility vehicles
  • Electromotion / Electronics
  • Communcation Systems
  • Optics / Optronics
  • Lighting systems (LED tech.)
  • Medical Equipments
  • Power tools
  • Houshold machinery
  • Armament


Proofed functionality and convincing quality grown by 25 years of experience

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